This page is pretty spartan, yeah, but I don't usually link people to it either.

But if you were looking for a "site map" or similar, then I guess you've found it.

Anyway, here are some things.

Mr Saturn font

Available in two flavors:
  1. Vector (looks smooth at any font size)
  2. Raster (authentic rip from the game)

Swansong (virtual server)

Includes Ultramega OK! rips, my general purpose image dump, and sometimes a charity plug.

Mirrored Stuff

MS Paint Adventures RP Wiki

People roleplay as characters from MSPA. This is a wiki about their antics. Includes both canon characters and OCs.

Pokémon Fan Event Center

Monthly "event" Pokémon distributed via a SendPKM-based backend.


From time to time I make little programmed things and put them on this site. Here are some examples: